Violation shown on driver / Vehicle examination report

Section Violation Description Shown on Driver/Vehicle Examination Report Given to CMV Driver after Roadside Inspection Violation Group Description Violation Severity Weight
177.800(d) Unnecessary delay in HM transportation to destination HM Related 1
177.804B Failure to comply with 49 CFR 392.80 - Texting while Oper a CMV - Placardable HM Texting 10
177.804C Fail to comply with 392.82 - Using Mobile Phone while Oper a CMV - HM Phone Call 10
390.17DT Operating a CMV while texting Texting 10
390.20 Failing to properly secure parked vehicle Other Driver Violations 1
392.2C Failure to obey traffic control device Dangerous Driving 5
392.2DH Headlamps - Failing to dim when required Misc Violations 3
392.2FC Following too close Dangerous Driving 5
392.2LC Improper lane change Dangerous Driving 5
392.2LV Lane Restriction violation Misc Violations 3
392.2P Improper passing Dangerous Driving 5
392.2PK Unlawfully parking and/or leaving vehicle in the roadway Other Driver Violations 1
392.2R Reckless driving Reckless Driving 10
392.2RR Railroad Grade Crossing violation Dangerous Driving 5
392.2S Speeding Speeding Related 5
392.2-SLLS1 State/Local Laws - Speeding 1-5 miles per hour over the speed limit Speeding 1 1
392.2-SLLS2 State/Local Laws - Speeding 6-10 miles per hour over the speed limit Speeding 2 4
392.2-SLLS3 State/Local Laws - Speeding 11-14 miles per hour over the speed limit Speeding 3 7
392.2-SLLS4 State/Local Laws - Speeding 15 or more miles per hour over the speed limit Speeding 4 10
392.2-SLLSWZ State/Local Laws - Speeding work/construction zone Speeding 4 10
392.2-SLLT State/Local Laws - Operating a CMV while texting Texting 10
392.2T Improper turns Dangerous Driving 5
392.2Y Failure to yield right of way Dangerous Driving 5
392.6 Scheduling run to necessitate speeding Speeding Related 5
392.10(a)(1) Failing to stop at railroad crossing—bus Dangerous Driving 5
392.10(a)(2) Failing to stop at railroad crossing—chlorine Dangerous Driving 5
392.10(a)(3) Failing to stop at railroad crossing—placard Dangerous Driving 5
392.10(a)(4) Failing to stop at railroad crossing—HM cargo Dangerous Driving 5
392.14 Failed to use caution for hazardous condition Dangerous Driving 5
392.16 Failing to use seat belt while operating CMV Seat Belt 7
392.22(a) Failing to use hazard warning flashers Other Driver Violations 1
392.60(a) Unauthorized passenger on board CMV Other Driver Violations 1
392.62 Unsafe bus operations Other Driver Violations 1
392.62(a) Bus—Standees forward of the standee line Other Driver Violations 1
392.71(a) Using or equipping a CMV with radar detector Speeding Related 5
392.80(a) Driving a commercial motor vehicle while Texting Texting 10
392.82(a)(1) Using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV Phone Call 10
392.82(a)(2) Allowing or requiring driver to use a hand-held mobile tel while operating a CMV Phone Call 10
397.3 State/local laws ordinances regulations HM Related 1
397.13 Smoking within 25 feet of HM vehicle HM Related 1
398.4 Driving of vehicle—migrant workers Other Driver Violations 1

Violation severity weights reflect the relative importance of each violation within each BASIC. These weights cannot be compared or added meaningfully across the BASICs.