Steps you need to follow to perform parked regen


How do I perform manual regeneration?

If the vehicle has a Manual Regeneration Switch and the DPF Lamp is illuminated or flashing: 

• Park vehicle in an appropriate location, set parking brake, and place transmission in Park (if provided) or Neutral.

• Set up a safe exhaust area. Confirm that nothing is on or near the exhaust system surfaces.

• Disconnect PTO powered devices before starting regeneration.

• Begin the parked regeneration. Note: Engine speed will increase and there may be a noticeable change to the sound of the turbocharger during the regeneration process. Once the diesel particulate filter is regenerated, the engine will automatically return to normal idle speed.

• Monitor the vehicle and surrounding area during regeneration. If any unsafe condition occurs, shut off the engine immediately. To stop a stationary regeneration, depress the clutch, brake, or throttle pedal.