How To Get A Class A Truck Driving CDL License Fast – In 3 Weeks

You can get your Class A Truck Driving CDL License within three weeks or more. This is an essential license that opens doors for truck drivers. Having the license guarantees a myriad of opportunities as a truck driver. It is one of the respectable licenses that are available to truck drivers. Here is how you can get the class A truck driving CDL license in three weeks.

Working as a truck driver 
This may not directly relate to how you get the Class A Truck Driving CDL License in three weeks but it goes a long way in giving vital information regarding prospective and opportunities that come with life as a truck driver. There is usually a shortage of approximately 20,000 truck drivers annually. The number has always been increasing and it is expected to increase. The industry is thus desperate for new drivers. There is a high demand for professional truck drivers especially drivers who hold a Class A Truck Driving CDL License. With this licensing, you certainly get a job.

What it means to have a Class A Truck Driving CDL License
Class A CDL license is needed in order to run any combination of vehicles with Gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds with the Gross vehicle weight rating of the towed vehicle not being in excess of 10,000 pounds. These are primarily tractor trailers.

The cost of training is about $5495.00 and varies with state. The cost should cover the CDL learner permit, the DOT physical and drug screen, the classroom materials, CDL test, and the CDL license when one has passed the test.
How to get a Class A Truck Driving CDL License
Getting a truck license is important for every driver. Having a license implies that you are allowed to drive trucks within the United States. Driving a truck without the necessary documentation is an offense. On the other hand, having a commercial driver’s license gives a truck driver an upper hand in getting good trucking jobs and acceptance as a driver. The following are the steps that are necessary to for one to acquire a driver’s license.

The first step to getting a driver’s license is knowing the type of driving that you would like to be involved in. This can be done by getting a copy of commercials driver’s license (CDL) manual. The manual can be downloaded online or collected from each state. The manual contains a lot of information that will come in handy for prospective drivers.

It is important that a driver choose the right training program. The program will inform the career that you will have and the opportunities that will be open to you. You should choose a school that has in-depth and hands on training curriculum that will effectively equip the driver in the right way. Having an exciting career relies heavily on the choices that you make when choosing the school that will do your training. It is the long way to ensuring that you get the right training to guarantee a safe career with growth. We recommend you attend a certified trucking school to receive proper training. Those trucking schools might not be affordable, but don’t worry. There are company sponsored CDL training that can help new drivers.

Class A Truck Driving CDL License Training Sample Schedule

Week 1

You will undertake a 154 hour course summary. This will be the week 1 of your training. Most of the training facilities will offer orientation, drug screen and DOT physical exam and CDL instruction which is basically general knowledge regarding CDL. Section 1, 2, and 3 will be based on the state CDL manual. The manual varies for these sections based on the state of training. However, there are significant similarities.

The next session will be a CDL preparation session before section 4, which is Air brakes, and section 6 that involves combination vehicles training. The driver will then go through training on Logbook, hours, service requirements. These skills will be necessary during a career as a truck driver. Every driver needs to know how to read a map and plan a trip. The next session of the training will involve these areas of learning. Most schools will train the driver about Smith systems. Weight scales and legal requirements will be the subsequent training followed by cargo claims and basic mechanical knowledge

Week 2

The second week will be driving range, pre-trip inspection and backing maneuvers, straight line and offsetting backing. Once a driver will have undergone these training, the driver can begin driving on the road in his week two of training. Gradual progression will be ensured, as the driver will move from low traffic to light traffic as exposure to challenging situations is enabled.

Week 3

Week 3 is more about professional driving. The sessions shall involve practicing advanced driving skills while on the driving range on the highway. The driver will also be taken through night driving. Knowing how to drive at night is important for every truck driver. After all these, the driver will be ready for the CDL driving skill test including the highway and street testing. If you pass the test, all that will be standing between you and your career is your graduation.

What you should know when applying for Class A Truck Driving CDL License

Sections 1,2,3,4, and 6 vary for various states. It is important to go through the right manual for your stat. The drivers handbook is a large file that contains all the information that one should need before applying for the License. To ensure that you are consistent with the requirements in your state ensure that you have the right manual.

Here are links to some of the manuals for different states

AlabamaFloridaGeorgiaIndianaMississippiSouth CarolinaTexas 


Before applying, you will need your state issues driver’s license. It is a requirement that one applies with this driver’s license as will be indicated in the particular state’s manual. One should have a 10 years’ work history before applying for the certification. This is a mandatory requirement to qualify for this prestigious level of driving. Work references will be needed. An applicant should be prepared to provide work references while applying.
What happens after you get your license?
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