Driving School CDL - A class

CDL License Class A Class B
Type of Vehicle VehicleType_ClassA VehicleType_ClassB
Knowledge Exams Required (Core tests) General Knowledge Air Brakes Combination Vehicles General Knowledge Air Brakes
Skills Exams Required Pre-Trip Basic Control Skills On-Road Driving Pre-Trip Basic Control Skills On-Road Driving

Steps Required to Obtain a CDL

  1. Pass the CDL Knowledge Test (Written Exam)
  2. Pass the CDL Skills Exam  (Driving Exam)

Passing the CDL Knowledge Exam

  • Class A Vehicles – Minimum Exams
    • General Knowledge (50 questions)
    • Air Brakes (25 Questions)
    • Combination Vehicles (20 questions)

Passing the CDL Knowledge Exam

Ways to do this

  1. On your own, study the manual, and take the exam at your local Driver License exam Office
  2. In our live class – 10 4-hour class sessions in one of our local offices.Instructor explanation, practice questions and answers. You are guaranteed to pass.
  3. Online – with internet access you can practice and study for up to 21 days.

Passing the CDL Skills Exam

There are 3 parts to the CDL Skills Exam, Please consult with you local CDL office for specific skills exam testing requirements in your area. Once you pass the knowledge exam you then must take a skills (Driving) exam in order to receive your CDL.

  1. Pre-Trip Inspection
  2. Basic control skills exercises
    • Straight line backing
    • Off-set Backing Right or Left
    • Parallel Parking Blind side or Driver’s side
    • Alley Docking
  3. Road driving Exam