Company Philosophy

A. Always phone the dispatch if you are going to be late for any, any, any reason. The ltl customers have dock workers waiting to unload you at your scheduled time of arrival. On the old newspaper backhauls, southeast paper needs the loads picked up on schedule, but allows flexibility in the time coming back to the mill as they unload 24 hours per day. The good newsprint loads must be picked up and delivered at the appointed times. Please have your actual pick up and delivery times ready to tell dispatch! Always ask a dispatcher for pick up and delivery schedules and times. Please always confirm directions prior to leaving with the load by checking in the route book. If the directions are not in the route book, then you may ask dispatch. Also, before you leave, ask the dispatcher if the customer has

Any particular requirements for the specific load or destination.

B. Late deliveries inexcusable and/or repetitive late deliveries are unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Always call dispatch and the customer if you will be late for any reason and exactly when they can expect you.

C. "They may not always be right, but they're the customer" please treat the customer as you would like to be treated showing courtesy and professionalism at all times. Remember, it is best to act under the motto that, "the customer is always right". If you have a problem at a customer site, do not argue with the customer - please let dispatch or safety know and they will handle it with the appropriate people

D. Safety at all costs!! We care about you as a member of the T&R MCI.  Family and we care about the public's safety as well, so please:

· take responsibility in being rested before trip

· take responsibility to check equipment, seals, etc.

· drive with the safety of yourself and others in mind..."the life you save may be your own"

· if you get too sleepy to drive: stop!!!

· drive within the speed limit and adjust your speed down for weather or road conditions such as rain, ice, snow, fog, or construction.

· always check around your equipment completely and/or seek assistance prior to backing.

· never follow too closely and remember, the truck, trailer and load will take an extra distance to stop!

Places safety above all! No load is worth your placing yourself or anyone else at risk so please, please, always driver defensively, wisely, and safely. We need you and care about you!

E. Your input is valued please feel free to make suggestions, observations, comments, compliments, etc.

To management. We value your opinion and try to reflect an open-door atmosphere. Please drop any comments/suggestions in the suggestion box in dispatch.

F. We must operate efficiently cost savings are directly reflected in your profit sharing, bonuses, and overall viability of your company. Please try to do all you can in this regard.

Examples include: raising fuel efficiency:

* lowering speed of tractor * using cruise control * minimizing idle time * progressive shifting * utilizing bunk rooms * using high gear earlier


* pump fuel at a trucks terminal, but if not possible, buy fuel at most economical places and get just enough to get yard * negotiate tire and repair purchases to avoid overcharging * get your tractor washed at designated places * avoid toll roads – only approved tolls will be reimbursed! * check for needed repairs before leaving during your pre-trip as road repairs are much more expensive than at a trucks yard.

G. Respecting fellow employees: all employees should display respect for other employees including dispatchers, mechanics, safety, office staff, and drivers at all times. Any driver who intentionally takes a load assigned to another driver, who takes an empty trailer on which another driver is waiting, or who is not cooperative with the dispatchers will not be tolerated. "treat others as you would have them treat you". If you have a problem with another employee or anyone at a customer's site, report it to dispatch or safety at T&R MCI. And we will handle it appropriately. Never, never argue or fight at a customer's site

H. Employees are to be neat, clean, sanitary and free from odor at all times. Hair is to be neat and clean at all times, with long hair in a ponytail or braid while on duty. Violations of dress/appearance code may result in immediate termination.

I. All new employees will be placed on a 90 day probationary period during which employment may be terminated for violation of any policy or as otherwise determined that the relationship is not a match for both company and employee.

Welcome aboard!

We are pleased to have you as a new member of the T&R MCI. Family and look forward to a long-term relationship. We promise to make every effort to make your company a pleasant, fair and caring place so that you will feel welcome and happy. If you ever feel these promises are not being met, please give us the opportunity to discuss the situation with you. Thanks for choosing T&R MCI. Please drive with your safety and others’ in mind, as safety is the most important thing we can achieve!